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The information below provides current and future updates on the technology and ontology of the ENACT platform, as well as

more detailed technical resources. End-user training and troubleshooting resources can be found on the “How-To” resources page.





Information last updated: 5/8/2023


Updated June 2021

Version 4.0 of the ACT ontology includes the LOINC hierarchies for SDoH and vital signs, in addition to additional COVID terms. It also includes RxNorm by VA class, changing classification codes from NUI to VA Class identifiers.

More detail about the current ENACT ontology.


Upgraded June 2021

The SHRINE 3.1 upgrade builds upon the new user interface introduced in SHRINE 3.1. Features include demographic distributions, event based queries, the ability to download a CSV for site counts, and an improved experience or rearranging concepts in the inclusion and exclusion panel.

Learn more about the SHRINE 3.0 user interface and the SHRINE 3.1 upgrade.

i2b2 1.7.12A or 1.7.13

Upgraded to 1.7.12A in the Fall of 2020 (the network also accepts v1.7.13)







Research enablement across the network in Summer 2023 (on deidentified aggregate data)

New version of the ACT Ontology coming summer or fall of 2023

New version of i2b2 and SHRINE will be released across the network at a date TBD (within the next year)





ENACT Data Characterization

A data characterization summary (last updated in March 2023, with site responses updated in October 2019).


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