How-To Resources & Training

The resources below provide an overview for using ENACT.
More videos and tutorials are coming, so please check this page for updates.

Tutorials and Tips

These tutorials offer a quick-start guide to using the ENACT Network, and tips for ENACT users.

Coming soon: updated video tutorials compatible with SHRINE 3.1.

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Getting Oriented to ENACT

3.5 min - This video is part 1 of a 3-part quick-start series, and presents the key elements of the ENACT 2020 web client, and how to register and use ENACT for the first time.

ACT legacy (pre-2020) web client - download the PDF

Running ENACT Queries

2 min - Part 2 of the quick-start series details a step-by-step process for running queries in the ACT 2020 web client.

ACT legacy (pre-2020) web client - download the PDF

Interpreting and Using ENACT Query Results

2.5 min - In part 3 of the quick-start series, this video provides more information about the data included in ENACT, and ways this data can be used in the ENACT 2020 web client to explore cohorts, validate feasibility, and identify potential sites for collaboration.

ACT legacy (pre-2020) web client - download the PDF

Understanding the ENACT Data Structure

3.5 min - This video provides an overview of how data is structured and managed in the ENACT Network.

Download the PDF

Using Informatics Tools for Clinical Study Design and Feasibility Assessment: Taking a Structured Approach

6 min - Clinical informatics tools are an invaluable resource to help investigators identify patient populations of interest, iterate and refine study eligibility criteria, prepare for study design/biostatistics consults, assess potential partner sites for multi-site studies and make data-driven decisions about joining existing trials. This video provides a structured approach to finding the right tool for the right job, and using it in a strategic, goal-directed way.


Download the companion PDF

Real-World Data at Your Fingertips: The Value of Clinical Informatics for Cohort Discovery and Study Design

3 min - Learn how tools like the ENACT Network can help researchers do their jobs more effectively.

Use Clinical Informatics Tools Quickly and Effectively

2 min - So you’re new to the ENACT Network. Or maybe you’ve been using it for a while but still have some questions. Either way, there are a few things you should know that will help you use ENACT, and clinical informatics tools like it, most effectively.

COVID Cohort Discovery using Clinical Informatics

2 min - This video offers tips, best practices and special considerations when using the ENACT Network - and similar aggregated patient data networks - to study COVID-19.

The ENACT Network Shows What We Can Do When We Work Together

2.5 min - This video offers a look back at what we've accomplished in the ENACT Network, and a look forward to how ENACT is positioned to meet the clinical and translational research challenges of the future.

An Introduction to the ACT Network

2 min - This video offers an introduction to the historic ACT Network.